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Heavenly Tomatoes


Heavenly Villagio Mini San Marzanos

San Marzano tomatoes are such a treat. More expensive than standard canned tomatoes, they are known for being very sweet. I had never seen fresh San Marzanos until this week, when I found these gorgeous Heavenly Villagio Mini San Marzanos at Central Market. They are bigger than grape tomatoes but smaller than plum tomatoes, in the shape of miniature pears.

While delicious raw, I didn’t find they tasted that different from my favorite cherub tomatoes, but they did have fewer seeds. Cooking the tomatoes definitely brought out the sweetness — I used them sliced on a pizza, and then tried roasting them in the oven with garlic and basil-infused olive oil before tossing with ravioli. I will be seeking these out again when it is time to make panzanella salad in the summer!

San Marzano & Chicken Pizza

Ravioli with Roasted San Marzanos & Garlic